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A washing machine today is much smarter and more convenient than before. Under the name smart washing machines you discover various variants that make washing clothes much easier with different smart functionalities. You can think of a link between your washing machine and your smartphone, where you will receive a notification when the laundry is ready. Or what do you think of the possibility of switching on the washing machine when you are at work, so that you can immediately remove your clean laundry when you return home?

Because of the many questions I receive about smart washing machines (whether these are really of added value, for example), I have decided to write an advice guide about these smart home appliances. I explain the best washing machines with smart functions, tell them what you should pay attention to when you purchase and go deeper into the possibilities!

Best smart washing machine choices

The best choice of smart washing machines
There are various choices in the field of smart washing machines: not only with brands such as Samsung or Siemens, but also with certain purchasing requirements. To help you on your journey, I have listed two smart washing machines: the best choice, the cheapest choice and the most comprehensive smart washing machine. See my choice

Slimme wasmachineSlimme wasmachine

Buying a smart washing machine: what to pay attention to?

There are many factors that you should pay attention to when purchasing a new washing machine. Whether it is a classic variant or a smart model: when it comes to things like the energy label, you always have to think carefully about making the right choice. Based on my experiences with smart washing machines, I have listed a number of useful buying tips.

Always pay attention to the energy label: it is always important to look at the energy label when purchasing a new washing machine. Nowadays washing machines are becoming more and more economical and I advise you to look at A +++ variants, the most economical models on the market. Saves in your wallet, but also a better choice for the environment.

Check the smart functions: unfortunately I come across many washing machines that are actually not smart at all. They only get the “smart” stamp, because they wash faster than traditional models, for example. Therefore, always check the possible smart functions and use them to determine whether it is really a smart washing machine.

View support and options: can the washing machine be operated with a smartphone via WiFi? Then always check whether the current software on your device is compatible with the smart washing machine.

Inside of the drum: of course you want to keep your clothes beautiful for as long as possible, even if you wash them more often. There are drums that are provided with a honeycomb structure, whereby the clothing remains beautiful much longer than with normal washing drums.

Check maximum load capacity: with a washing machine it is of course important to pay attention to the maximum load capacity. Of course you want to be able to see the bottom of the laundry basket after every wash. For a normal family it is best to choose a load capacity of around 9 kilograms.

Noise level during use: fortunately, washing machines make less and less noise. In addition, there is less talk of enormous vibrations, which benefits the maximum noise level. Always check how much noise a washing machine makes and go where possible for the quietest variant.

Guarantee remains important: a washing machine is a major purchase. It is smart to always check in advance what the guarantee is with your purchase and whether you are entitled to any service if something goes wrong with the washing machine

Functions of smart washing machines

A smart washing machine often has many more extra functions than regular variants. You can operate them with your smartphone, they are often a lot more energy efficient and you can manage them with platforms such as Home Connect. I list the smartest functionalities of smart washing machines!

Much faster washing: many washing machines nowadays have the technology to wash faster. For example, Samsung models often use the “QuickDrive” mechanism. This allows washing to be washed up to twice as fast. This results in a large saving on water. A smart washing machine is therefore often one of the most important water-saving tips for a home.

More energy efficient: unlike older washing machines, smart variants are a lot more energy efficient. This can save up to 50% on your energy bill when using the washing machine. I also advised to pay attention to A +++, where there are even models that can wash another 30% more economically in addition to this energy rating.

Automatic dosing system: with an automatic dosing system, the detergent is added evenly at different times in the wash cycle. In this way the detergent is dosed well and the chance of waste is minimal. This too is in favor of a better washing result.

Integrations within a smart home: smart washing machines are easy to integrate within a smart home. “Home Connect” models in particular stand out at the moment as a good choice for a smart home. Smart washing machines can often also be linked to a smartphone using an iOS or Android application.

Add laundry while washing: one of the most striking smart features is being able to add extra laundry when the washing machine is already running! Good examples of this are the Samsung AddWash washing machines, which are provided with an extra opening for adding ‘forgotten’ washing during washing.


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