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7 Best Free Applications for Android 2019

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Here are the 7 Best Free Android Applications of 2019

The application below is very useful for those of you who have busy activities and are quite interested in getting up early, or for those of you who are lazy. What are the applications? These are the 7 best free Android 2019 applications that you can download.

1.Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a personal AI application on your Android phone. Its function can be used for various things, such as helping you in navigation, installing alarms, communicating to sending messages in the form of conversations or voice messages.

This Google Assistant is the best android and bespoke application from Google. This application can also be installed on all types of android.

2.Google Duo

2.Google Duo

Still from Google, the best free application for Android 2019 is Google Duo. If all this time you use video calls through messenger applications such as WA, Line or Skype, maybe this is the time for you to try this one application.

Google Duo is a free Android application for face-to-face calls or video calls. This application is very easy to use, just verify your cellphone number and log in, you can already make a video call like a normal telephone.

In addition, in the Google Duo there is a unique feature called “Knock Knock”. This feature serves as a live preview before the person you are calling raises your call. You can also leave a video message if the person you’re calling doesn’t pick up the phone.

3.WPS Office

WPS Office

For those of you who usually struggle with the form of documents and often require you to work even through cellphones, you can try this one office application.

WPS Office is the best free Android application that is very compatible with files like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Pot, PDF, Google Docs and so on.

This application also features a PDF converter feature, editing to share files and so on. If you connect it to Cloud Drive, all of your files will be automatically stored in there.

4.Unified Remote

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an android application that makes it easy for you to control your PC. This application relies on Bluetooth or WiFi to control the PC from your Android phone. This application can also be used on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other.

The easiest example of using the Unified Remote is that you can turn on your PC that was in sleep mode. In addition, this application can also be a keyboard and mouse, then control your play media and more.

5. Alarm (Sleep If U Can)

Alar my (Sleep If U Can)

The best free application for Android 2019 that you can download is Alarm. Alarm is an alarm app in charge of waking you up from sleep.

If you usually can turn off the alarm easily, Alarm will ask you to complete the game or challenge to turn off the alarm. Very challenging right?

Famous as ‘the most annoying application’, Alarm is perfect for you lazy people who intend to make changes in this 2019, which is getting up early.

6. Air Droid

Air droid

Air Droid is the best free Android application for you in transferring files from phone to PC. The method is easy, once you download both of them and install them on your cellphone and PC, you can just move them just by making their screen meet.

Not only that, you can also see incoming calls, message and even other notifications. Air Droid is an application that you have to have for the ease of your activities related to PCs and cellphones.

7. Xender


The best free application for Android, the last in this list is Sender. If you are the type of forgetful and lazy person who really brings a flash disk or data cable, this free application is suitable for you.

Sender will help you in moving files to other devices quickly, even faster than Bluetooth. The Sender application is the best Android application for moving files, just like the Share-it application.

That was the 7 best free apps for Android 2019 that you can download. Lots of applications that make it easier for you to be more productive in previous years, moreover the above application is free and easy to use.

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