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Waze review

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Waze review: 3 reasons to try the Google Maps alternative: driving together

Waze review
We all know Google Maps. Not for nothing is it the most popular navigation app among almost all Android users. On the other hand, Waze, which has been part of Google for several years now, is a lot less known. That while the app even exceeds the big brother in some areas. The active community in particular makes Waze highly recommended. These are three reasons to give the navigation app a try during your next drive.

1. Outsmart the traffic
Google Maps is much more than a navigation tool. You can find restaurants, check how you get somewhere by bike and check current public transport times. Waze, on the other hand, has a clearer goal: to make driving as easy and smooth as possible

Waze review

Whoever places the app next to Google Maps immediately sees a difference: the roads are much more detailed. This makes it easier to see where you need to go. The speed limit is also constantly displayed so that you avoid fines. In addition, it is possible to immediately inform friends of your arrival time.

2. Made for and by drivers

The biggest advantage of Waze is that the app is made for and by motorists. The navigation service therefore always has the current state on the road. Users report accidents, closed roads, diversions and more. This means that maps are always up-to-date and you never have to face a roadblock.

Because Waze knows very well how busy it is everywhere, the app saves you a lot of time. This is entirely the case when you have to go past busy junctions during commuting. Waze will send you the status on the road before you leave and let you know if there is a traffic jam or whether the police are checking. He also lets an alternative route be an immediate one. Extra cool is that he takes into account motorcyclists: they can go through the traffic jam slowly and do not necessarily have to drive around.

3. More fun than Maps

Waze review

Waze therefore leans on the active community. Because of this there are several cool features in the app which makes driving more fun. For example, if you have accumulated enough points to report accidents, you can choose a unique status. Because of this, other drivers know how you feel.

On the map you can see which “Wazers” are on their way. Another great feature is the presence of multiple navigation voices. In Dutch you can choose from two navigators. It is also possible to record your own voice, so that you can guide yourself along the way.


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