Huawei P Smart Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

Huawei P Smart Plus vs Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 review

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Samsung and Huawei are the two largest Android manufacturers and their middle class are very popular. Both the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and the Huawei P Smart Plus are sold like hot cakes. But which of the two is actually the best? We will find out in this comparison.

Quirky newcomer

The Huawei P Smart Plus is the newest of the bunch, and certainly the most quirky. Especially its purple blue back ensures that this Huawei is quite striking. But there are also a few nice extras in the software that usually don’t get this money.

Huawei P Smart

The same applies to the camera. The Huawei P Smart Plus has two cameras at the front and rear, giving you access to a portrait mode. Photos you take are enhanced with an AI mode, which sometimes makes them look a little too extremely colorful. No problem, because you can choose to turn off the AI improvements afterwards. Handy!

Complete total picture

With the Galaxy A8 2018, Samsung sets this apart from a stylish and complete total package. The Galaxy A8 2018 may be a little duller, but it has the advantage that it is watertight. At the front is a notch-free amoled screen that can conjure beautiful images on the device

Samsung Galaxy A8


The cameras are slightly less hip than the Huawei: the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 only has two at the front. And artificial intelligence is nowhere to be seen. Qualitatively, however, you have absolutely no problems with that. In fact, the Galaxy A8 2018 generally takes better photos than the Huawei.

In this comparison we show that and of course we go much deeper into the differences between the two devices. Enjoy watching!

Samsung has provided the Galaxy A 8 2018 with a completely new interior. It contains a proprietary Expose 7885 chip-set with 2 fast Cortex A 73 cores and 6 slower Cortex A 53 cores, which together ensure a decent performance. Combined with the working memory of 4 GB, the Galaxy A 8 2018 has more than enough power under the hood for all daily tasks

In addition, we must note that the Samsung software is not the fastest. As a result, in practice you sometimes notice a slight delay or a hitch when, for example, you quickly browse through the interface or open apps. In that respect, the device scores less than some competitors. In short: the A 8 has the power to do whatever you want, but for real speed it will sometimes feel a bit slow.


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