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Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 review

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Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 review: A-series in the new

the Samsung Galaxy A line has been a resounding success for years. So it is not surprising that Samsung will once again be making its mark in 2018 with a stylish A-line middle class. The line is a bit streamlined into a single device: the Galaxy A8 2018. In this Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 review you can read all about it.

Galaxy A8

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Galaxy A8 2018 is actually the successor of the Galaxy A5 2017. Presumably Samsung has chosen the 8 to align the naming with the Galaxy S and Note line. The Galaxy A8 + 2018, not available in the Netherlands, succeeds the Galaxy A7 2017 and a successor to the Galaxy A3 2017 is no longer among them.

Features from Samsung’s top smartphones at a cheaper price point

As we are used to from the series, the Samsung Galaxy A8 brings 2018 features from Samsung’s top smartphones to a cheaper price point. In this case it is mainly about the long and almost borderless Infinity Display that we know from the Galaxy S8. In the case of the A8, that is a 5.6-inch amoled screen with a resolution of 1080 × 2220 pixels. The dual camera from the Galaxy Note 8 also makes its appearance, but this time at the front. More flexibility when making selfies, that is.

Under the hood is a new 2.2 GHz octacore processor from Samsung itself; the design is waterproof and luxurious. In addition, an important improvement has taken place on the back of the device: the fingerprint scanner has been moved to under the camera.

 Galaxy S8

Luxury design borrowed from the S8

The design of the Galaxy A8 2018 is beautiful and luxurious and is clearly inspired by that of the Galaxy S8. The long screen with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 ensures that the phone is quite small and still has a large display. That looks – apart from the functional advantages – nice and modern. But it must be said that the screen edges compared to, for example, the S8 are still on the large side. Moreover, the screen on the sides is not crooked, but it is just flat.

The Galaxy A8 2018 can not compete in design with its somewhat more expensive brother, but for its price it looks very good. Also nice: it is waterproof and made of beautiful materials. The glass front and back feel great in combination with the aluminum frame. It must be said that the backside scratches quite quickly, which is a shame.

Samsung Galaxy A8

Bio-metric security in order

Since Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner back to make room for longer screens, it became more difficult to secure the company’s high-end devices. The fingerprint scanner landed in an awkward place next to the camera and the added iris scanner and face recognition did not work well enough for daily use

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