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Samsung Galaxy S 9

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The Samsung Galaxy S 9 is the newest member of a series of particularly successful smartphones. The S-series is consistently in the highest regions of our smartphone test. This year does not seem to change, because the Samsung Galaxy S 9 takes on successful choices from other manufacturers, corrects defects of the S 8 and innovates with the camera.

Great phone

The Samsung Galaxy S 9 is again a beautiful phone with the latest technical highlights. The device maintains the convenience of a fingerprint scanner, a screen with no notches and the 3.5 mm headphone jack. At the same time it follows competitors such as Sony, Apple and Google with the introduction of functions such as “super slow motion”, “AR Emoji” and “Bixby Vision”. The S9 itself also brings innovation: a camera lens where you can change aperture by enlarging or reducing the aperture.

Our laboratory has now fully tested the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S 9 +. Compare other smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy S 9.

Innovative camera

The most interesting thing about the Samsung Galaxy S 9 is the double aperture of the camera. With this you can make the aperture large or small. The aperture therefore changes from f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 and vice versa.

Take photos when there is low light

The largest aperture of f / 1.5 lets in a lot of light, so you can take good photos in low light in theory. This aperture is relatively large compared to other smartphones and probably Samsung is taking a new step in photo quality in low light with this. Until now, camera lenses in smartphones had a fixed aperture number, so that you could take good photos either in bright light or in low light, but never in both situations.

After our tests in a professional laboratory setting, this technical ingenuity appears to have no revolutionary consequences for photo quality

Camera gadgets

Samsung galaxy s 9-emoji If you like gadgets, you’re in good hands with the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S 9. That is because it is packed with functions for which you previously needed separate apps.

Galaxy S9

AR Emoji

For example, Samsung follows the example of Apple’s Animoji with “AR Emoji”, which sounds about the same if you pronounce it quickly. The selfie camera follows your facial expression and movement and translates that into a caricature of yourself or another cartoon, such as a rabbit. You can use this in conversations from all kinds of apps, including Whats App.

Bixby Vision

With Bixby Vision, the camera will recognize everything such as wine labels, for information about wine, objects, to search for similar images and text, to translate these for you. That is a bit like the Google Lens – an object recognition addition to the Google Camera, Google Photo app and Google Assistant.

Other camera gadgets

You can also have fun with a portrait selfie stand, filters and all kinds of stickers and scenes such as in Snap chat and Instagram. Or you get to work with what Samsung calls “super slow motion”: slow mo movies with 960 images per second, allowing you to make short moments last seconds. You use that for example when filming a skateboard competition or a fun Sunday afternoon with a water gun or confetti canoe

Galaxy S9


Fortunately attention has also been paid to the speakers. Following on from competitors such as HT C and the Apple iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S 9 has stereo speakers. That is a big step forward compared to the single speaker that has been on cell phones for years

Optimized by AK G

It sounds nice that they have been optimized by AK G, but that company is owned by Samsung and so it says little more than ‘we have done our best to make them sound good’.

Dolby At mos certified

The Dolby At mos certification is especially important for films with a special Dolby At mos sound, but you will not find that often in practice, because for example Netflix does not support Dolby At mos on your mobile.

Supplied earplugs
Just like with the S8, there are high-quality AKG in-ear earphones in the box. That advantage is accompanied by the welcome option to test your hearing of high and low frequencies, after which a personal sound profile is created.


This Galaxy S smartphone also has many ways to lock your phone. Of course you have the password, the pin code and the pattern, supplemented with the fingerprint scanner on the back. It is now under the camera and no longer next to the camera, as with the S8. As a result, you lubricate the camera lens less quickly.

Yet the back remains a clumsy place, if only for the many times that the smartphone is on the table. That’s why you can also unlock the phone with face recognition or an iris scan or – new this year – a combination of both in itself moderate locks. Face recognition is not as ingenious as Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X.

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