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messengers are apps that allow you to send messages. A bit like the old text, but then expanded with more text, photos, videos and sometimes even files. Whats App is the best known. We view Whats App and four competitors of this app here



WhatsApp is by far the best known in the Netherlands. Facebook Messenger or WeChat is more popular in other continents. But here it is WhatsApp that drove the telecom providers to despair, because they saw their income from text messages dry up. Because sending messages with WhatsApp via the mobile internet is much more fun.

An SMS is limited to 160 characters. An MMS can contain a miniscule picture, for which you pay quite a lot too. But WhatsApp is free. You can send anything with it. To files and music and videos. Make it up. The maximum message size for a movie is 16 mb or 90 seconds.

With WhatsApp it is also possible to record spoken messages. Then a short audio file is created and sent. Creating groups is very easy. If an entire school class, a team of colleagues or a group of friends create such a group, everyone receives the messages sent by one of the members within that group. This makes it easy to make appointments, share work and send the best joke of the day to everyone.

WhatsApp was recently taken over by Facebook. People who have problems with this, went looking for another app, but WhatsApp did not throw them away. That is almost impossible if all your friends are on it. You do not switch easily, because it will make your smartphone uncomfortably quiet.



Shortly after WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook, Telegram suddenly came up as an alternative chat and messaging app. Why? Because this app looks almost striking, and operates as the biggest difference with WhatsApp independently of Facebook.

Telegram had quite a bit of trouble dragging the servers in the first few days, because the number of customers increased by millions in a short time. Yet most users are now back at WhatsApp, because as already mentioned with that app, switching is only useful if your entire contact list does so simultaneously.

Telegram does have something for WhatsApp, and that applies to the app itself. WhatsApp can only be installed on one telephone at a time. Telegram does not make that requirement. You can put it on as many phones or tablets as you want. If you start using the app on another device, you will receive a push notification on the device where you used Telegram for it. Privacy protection is a high priority at Telegram. Messages are sent encrypted and this app is one step ahead.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger

Those who love their privacy use BlackBerry Messenger. Until recently, this messaging service was only available on BlackBerry devices, but now also for Android and iOS.

Initially the app seemed to offer little more than the usual messaging apps, but BlackBerry is still working on it. A few new versions have been released with more and more functions.

However, BBM has the same problem as Telegram and all other competitors of the indispensable WhatsApp in the Netherlands. Not everyone uses it. BBM also does not offer so much added value compared to WhatsApp that this will happen in the short term. So it is useful if you know people with a BlackBerry device, and if you regularly chat with a fixed group of users of this app. If that is not the case, WhatsApp remains the best choice.

BBM, as the app is abbreviated, gives all its users a unique PIN code. This figure can be used to give to others who also use the app, so that you can chat together. It is not necessary to log in with it. This is possible with a username, usually an email address, and a password.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Why did Facebook buy WhatsApp if the company itself already has a Messenger? Well. WhatsApp naturally has many more customers than the Facebook Messenger app. The Facebook Messenger has on WhatsApp that it can also be used on a computer, so chatting from phone to computer and vice versa is possible with this. And Facebook Messenger, unlike WhatsApp, can also be used on multiple devices at the same time.

What’s wrong with that? Not even that much, because Facebook has already given the Messenger a solid update a few times and the app is now well underpainted. It is possible to send messages to telephone numbers, not just Facebook contacts. You can create groups so that your messages are sent to multiple people at the same time. In the app you can see, just like in WhatsApp, how long the person you are contacting is offline, and if someone is online you can see it immediately.

You can provide messages with emoticons, you can hang a photo on it or record a spoken message. The emoticons now resemble WhatsApp very much. It is not possible to attach videos to a message from a smartphone.

How the Facebook Messenger will fare now that WhatsApp has been incorporated by the same company, is coffee fat.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is available to anyone with a Google account. The messaging app can be installed on both Android phones and iPhones, and can also be used in a browser on a computer. Text, emoticons, photos, videos and even live video chats are all possible. Hangouts is without a doubt the most extensive app out of the five messagers discussed here.

What we have against hangouts is that the app is not that easy to operate. It requires some study before it is clear how all functions work, while with most other messagers you just enter a name or a phone number from your contact list and you can start.

We also find Skype better for video calls. For text chats it is a great app, but so extensive that the overview is quickly lost. Yet this app is particularly useful for groups that have something to share with each other, and especially for them, it is worth studying to understand all the ins and outs of Hangouts.

For the app it goes without saying that Hangouts is deeply integrated with all possible other Google services. If you want to use information from one of the numerous Google apps such as Gmail, Maps or you name it in Hangouts, that is not difficult.

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