Clean up Android And move apps

5 tips for cleaning up your Android device

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is your smartphone full of old apps and photos and is your device becoming slower? Then it is a smart action to clean up your Android device. This ensures that more memory is released and that your device becomes faster. Cleaning Android: that’s how you do it

Clean up and remove Android apps

Clean up and remove Android apps

The fastest way to free up memory on your smartphone is to remove apps. To access your apps you have to go to settings and then click on application management. There you can see which apps you have downloaded. Do you see an app that you no longer use? Then click on this app and choose delete. This way you can remove unnecessary apps from your mobile one by one. Don’t want to delete an app, but it still takes up a lot of memory? Then you can remove the cash from the app. But note: all files linked to the app are deleted. You cannot uninstall applications that are pre-installed on your mobile.

Clean up Android And move apps

If you do not want to delete applications, but want more space on your device, you can move the apps to your micro SD card. You do this by putting a micro SD card in your mobile, going to application management and clicking on the app that you want to move. Then click on “move to SD card” in the menu. Then click on this and wait until the app has been moved.

Save photos and videos to SD card

Another way to free up space on the internal memory is to have your photos automatically saved on your SD card. To do this, open the camera app, go to settings, click on storage space and choose SD card linking. All your future photos and videos are now stored on your SD card. Do you want to make even more space on your smartphone? Then move all photos and videos to your computer.

Delete widgets

Some functions, such as your widgets, use the RAM of your device full-time. Widgets ensure that your working memory becomes full, which often causes problems. So only set a widget if you are going to use it and remove the other widgets.

No moving backgrounds

You can set that you have a moving background, but this also costs you a lot of memory. Therefore choose a static background. Moreover, you also save on your battery life.

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