Chromecast remote control of Android smartphone

Chromecast remote control of Android smartphone

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Google’s Chromecast is a handy device with which you can view and listen to all your favorite films, series and music on your smartphone, tablet or computer via your TV. But sometimes you don’t have a phone or laptop to hand and it would be handy to have a remote control for your Chromecast. This way you make one of your old Android device, with which you don’t do anything else

Remove unnecessary ballast

From a smartphone we accept that we have to charge it quite often. But with a remote control that is unacceptable, so we start by removing all unnecessary apps that are slurping on your battery. Go to the overview of your apps in the settings and uninstall all apps that you do not need. Apps such as YouTube and Spotify are handy to keep. You will not be allowed to uninstall some apps. You can set this to “disable”.

And since you have already removed all your games, you can also set the device to a low-power setting. You can find this under the battery options in the settings. Reducing the brightness a bit also helps to make your battery last longer.

Remove unnecessary ballast

You don’t have to be connected to anything

To further save your battery it is important to switch off your mobile network and GPS connection. You might still need WiFi or Bluetooth. If you want to arrange this quickly, simply put the device in airplane mode and switch on WiFi and Bluetooth. You could also only turn Bluetooth on if you want to connect your Bluetooth speakers for example. You also don’t have to be connected to all your accounts. So dive back into the settings and switch off the option to synchronize your accounts automatically.


Organize the home screen of your remote control

It would be pretty annoying if you had to enter a code every time you want to use your remote control. To outsmart the lock screen, go to the security settings in the settings and choose that your device is never locked. You can then organize your home screen. With the Nova Launcher app you can easily arrange everything the way you want. Use the dock for the media apps that you use the most. The Google Home app is useful for browsing through your Chromecast apps and copying the screen from your smartphone or computer to your TV.

Also communicate with the TV itself

In principle, your remote control is now ready. However, you cannot yet communicate with your TV itself to, for example, turn it on, adjust the volume or change the input. This is via infrared, but luckily many older Android devices are equipped with an IR blaster. These are mainly devices from Samsung, HTC and LG which were released between 2013 and 2015. Wikipedia has a list of all IR blaster devices.

If your device is not listed, you can purchase an IR blaster separately, which you can connect to your device via microUSB. To control your TV, the Sure app is a good option, although there are more remote control apps in the Play Store.

communicate with the TV itself

Extra battery for your Chromecast remote control

Now you are ready to set up a series with your new Chromecast remote control. Optionally you can purchase an extra battery for your device as a final step. This way you can change the battery every so often, just like with a normal remote control

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