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You must do these five things if you have a new smartphone

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If your smartphone has become too old and you are still on Android Lollipop, it may be time for a new device. Unfortunately it is sometimes a hassle to switch phones. But WANT is happy to lend a hand. Here are at least five things you should do as soon as you have a new smartphone. And the handy thing is: the apps usually do the work for you.

Protect photos and videos

We know it: there are no photos on your new smartphone. But that will certainly come and you definitely want to have a backup. Nowadays, both Google and Apple have handy apps to safeguard your media. With iCloud Storage you just have to click on “optimize storage”, after which your iPhone removes all local files as soon as they are in the iCloud. Unfortunately you have to pay a monthly contribution. If you want 50GB, you pay 99 cents a month. 200GB will cost you 2.99 euros

Protect photos and videos

With Google photos it is even easier and moreover free. Make sure that all your media files are saved in the app settings. Then click on free up space and the app will automatically back up your photos.

The lock can be released at home

As long as you are on the road, it is useful to keep your phone locked. That way, nobody with bad intentions can go there. At home, however, that is a different story and it would be handy to have your device unlocked automatically. Nowadays that is possible in Android. Add your own address in Google Maps under Your Places. Then go to the security settings in the settings menu. Click on Smart Lock there and tap on to Trusted Places. Then select your own house and voila. Now you no longer have to constantly unlock your new smartphone when you get home.

The lock can be released

Do Not Disturb me

On both iOS and Android you can set times that you just don’t feel like hearing your new smartphone. This will prevent you from waking up to your drunk friend’s message at two in the morning. In iOS you will find Do Not Disturb under your settings. Turn on the function and then adjust the schedule to your specific requirements. Unfortunately, you can only set a schedule that applies to every day. So if, for example, you want to be available late on Monday, then iOS is not ideal.

The settings on Android are more extensive. There you will also find the Do Not Disturb settings under the sound settings. You can set this on the basis of a few standard scenarios (for example, every weekday night), but the mode can also be fully adapted to your preferences. For example, you can also exclude alarm clocks from the Do Not Disturb mode so that you still wake up.

Disturb me

Be social

Social media are an increasingly time-consuming hobby. Nowadays you have to put everything on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But for that kind of problems there are apps like Buffer. With these apps you can upload your texts on different social networks at the same time. Even if you only want to tweet certain things or post on Facebook, you can. Handy for everyone who loves social media, but doesn’t have enough time to keep up with everything.

Be social

Back home

When we get lost after a beautiful night, we soon count on our phone. And that’s okay, because your new smartphone can also easily show you the way home. With iOS, this is done via the Workflow app. That’s a bit complicated. Click on Create Workflow and then Today Widget. Then tap Actions, drag the Street Address option and enter your address. Then click on Actions again, drag Show Directions and choose your favorite map app and your preferred method of transport. Then you can click on the widget to come home from your current location.

In Android the whole process is a lot simpler. Press and hold a piece of your home screen that has not yet been filled by an app. Then click on Widgets and search under the heading Maps for directions / Directions. Again enter your address as the final destination, choose your preferred method of transport and you are ready. From now on you can find your way back home with one click

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