Open two apps at the same time

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features

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This way you get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features on every Android smartphone

the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 not only comes with all kinds of new hardware, but also with a few handy features. To play with these features, you do not necessarily have to buy the Galaxy Note 8. You can also simply fake it on your current Android device. This is how you get a few of the features to your own smartphone.

S Replace pen

One of the most recognizable things about the Note 8 is the S Pen stylus, which you can store in the device. Of course you cannot make such a stylus slot in your current device, but you can choose a replacement for the S Pen. The Adonit Jot Pro 2 stylus is a good option, with a very fine point.

S Replace pen

Always display with information

The Always On Display function is useful to quickly have all kinds of information at hand, even when your device is locked. With the S Pen you can also immediately take notes on the locked device. To largely simulate this feature, the Always On AMOLED app is your friend. Although you don’t necessarily have to have an AMOLED display on your phone, this is the wisest option. An always active LCD screen would absorb too much energy from your battery.

Open two apps at the same time

Because nowadays we are always doing several things at the same time, it is nowadays possible on most devices to use a kind of multitask mode, in which two are simultaneously open and visible. The Note 8 tries to make it as easy as possible for you and, with the App Pair feature, ensures that you do not have to open these two apps one by one. You can create a shortcut for which app pair you want. This is of course something that should be possible for everyone and that is also possible via the Split Screen Creator app

Open two apps at the same time

Edge Panel

On the Note 8 you will find your App Pair shortcuts in the Edge Panel. The panel is especially useful with larger devices, so that you can still operate your phone with one hand. Swiftly Switch is a free app, which you can use to install a kind of Edge Panel on your own device. If you love it, it can also be downloaded in a paid Pro version.

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