This is how you transfer music from iTunes to Android

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the switch from iOS to Android can be quite comprehensive. One of the things you need to do, for example, is to transfer your music library. Fortunately it is not that difficult at all. All About Phones explains how to transfer your iTunes library to Android in different ways.

1. Manually

The simplest is simply to do everything by hand. No programs or tricks, just copy and paste. First create a folder on your PC and put all your iTunes songs in it. Then connect your Android smartphone to your computer and you can put all the songs in the music folder of your phone,You can of course also use third-party software


2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

We find a more elegant way of transferring music at Google Play Music. You need an internet connection for this method. Google Play Music also has a limit of 50,000 songs for non-paying users. Probably a problem for few, but still a consideration for those with huge music collections.

With the Google Music computer program you can synchronize your music folders with Google. This way all your number will be uploaded to the cloud. You can then stream any song from any device that supports Play Music. If you do not want to use data, the app also offers the possibility to store your music offline.

3. Sync iTunes to Android

The last method we give you works with the program “Sync iTunes to Android”. This allows you to synchronize one playlist with up to 100 songs at a time. If you want to remove that limit or you cannot live with advertisements, then purchase the Pro version. This costs 3 euros.

  • Download and install Sync iTunes to Android on your Android phone and install the “Sync tunes” program on your PC.
  • Open Sync iTunes to Android. You should now see an IP address at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open the Sync tunes program on your computer and type in the IP address that you saw on your phone.
  • Select a category or playlist and click on “Start Sync”. If you have the premium version, you can search for multiple categories or playlists.
  • A window will appear if all is well. It contains the files that will be synchronized. Click “Yes” to continue.
  • After the synchronization, a pop-up window will appear if the synchronization is successful.

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