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The Google Drive app on your smartphone will look completely different from this week. Not only has the interface been refreshed, all kinds of new functions are being added

Google Drive Material Design update available for Android

Material Design is the house style that Google introduced in 2014 and is now being used by more and more apps and services from the company. Last year Gmail already received a Material Design makeover, and recently the office package from Google was already updated on the desktop. The new Google Drive design was recently introduced on the iPhone, and is now also being rolled out for Dutch Android users of Google Drive. It can take a few days for the update to be visible to everyone.

If you open the updated Google Drive, you will immediately notice that the design looks a lot cleaner. The app has more white space, less text and more space for image. At the top you no longer see the newest files or your folders, but documents that you probably need according to Google. For example, if Google notices that you open the same document every morning, that document will now always be at the top of Drive around that time

At the bottom of the app you will find an improved navigation bar with four buttons. This allows you to go directly to the most important parts of the app: the homepage, your favorite documents, documents that have been shared with you and all documents. The search bar is now almost always at the top of the screen, so you can find the right file faster and easier.

Material Design is now the standard with Google apps

In the past year, almost all Google services have been updated with a Material Design design. Google Photos, Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Play Books, among others, have recently been updated.

As far as is known, there are no plans to review the Google Docs and Presentation apps on smartphones. These apps have had a Material Design look for quite some time and still fit perfectly with the current Google house style.

Download Google Drive update

Google Drive is standard on just about every Android smartphone. Via the link below to the Play Store you can check the latest version of the app. If the update is not yet available for you, you will have to be patient. Google will roll out the new design gradually in the coming days.

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