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the 6 best ebook apps for Android

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These are our favorite ebook Android apps

Real book lovers say that there is nothing better than lazing with a paper book on the beach, at the swimming pool or on the way on the plane. However, they will also admit that ebooks have different advantages.

Your suitcase will soon be full if you take a number of page turners, while the average smartphone or e-reader offers room for thousands of books. In addition, you can take notes with an ebook and save your favorite quotes. With these ebook apps for Android you are under control this winter.

1. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Reading ebooks is one thing, but getting (legal) digital books sometimes causes some more hassle. The Kobo app makes it simple, because it has its own digital web store. There you can find just about all the popular books of the moment, both Dutch and English. There is even a variant of the app with support, where you can go for the books from that web store. Or view the extensive selection of free books.

Kobo also gives personal recommendations based on your reading behavior. If you have an e-reader from the company, such as the Kobo Aura One, then your progress will be synchronized automatically. This way you can continue on your smartphone where you left off with your reader. The app has a night mode, customization font and font size and other ways to make reading as pleasant as possible.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
You can’t buy physical books from Amazon in the Netherlands yet, but they do have ebooks. You can then read it via a Kindle reader or via the Kindle app on your smartphone. Enjoy books or magazines, take notes or share your favorite quotes via Goodreads. A disadvantage of Kindle is that the app only supports Amazon’s own books; If you want to read your own epub titles, you have to add them with a considerable detour.

Amazon’s big advantage, on the other hand, is the extensive selection of English-language books. They are much cheaper than Dutch titles. The company always has an extensive selection of English books available for 99 cents. The company is also working hard on exclusive content, books that you can only buy and read at Amazon. These are mainly shorter stories, but from well-known names such as Stephen King and Margaret Atwood.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Fair is fair: the Google Play Books app has some flaws. For example, it is difficult to discover new titles that match your interests, and the store’s categorization is sometimes somewhat confusing. Nevertheless, Google has one big advantage: the Play Books app is standard on a large part of all Android smartphones.

Moreover, the reading experience itself is very good. You can easily change the font and size, to name a few. There are multiple colors available for your notes, and there is even a text-to-speech option. Moreover, you can easily add your own epub or pdf files to your own library.

4. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader

Do you already have your own digital book collection and no need for an app with its own store? Then consider the Aldiko Book Reader, a simple, no-frills app. The free version offers support for epub and pdf so that you can read almost all books. For a fee you can get a version that lets you take notes and notes.

5. Wattpad


Not all good stories come from famous authors. Everyone can share their own story via Wattpad. As a result, the site has a unique range of books and stories that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Especially romance stories, fan fiction and stories with supernatural elements are popular. Via the Wattpad app you can save the stories offline to read them anywhere, anytime. And if you feel like writing something yourself, then you can immediately tell that story at Wattpad. Not only the app, but also most stories are free

6. Audible


Not in the mood for reading yourself, but in a good story? Then try an audiobook, read stories. Audible has an extensive collection of audio books, although most are in English. The app is equipped with all conveniences, so you can speed up or decrease the tempo or easily skip to specific chapters.

Audible is part of Amazon, and works in an ingenious way with the Kindle app. Some books can be purchased as an ebook and audiobook at the same time. Your progress will then be tracked in these two versions. If you read two chapters in the Kindle book, Audible will continue on the coin on which you stopped

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