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Whether you want to make a nice video for Instagram or a great video report of your vacation: post-processing works wonders. Fortunately, video editing is not difficult at all thanks to these 3 apps, whether you have experience with this or not.

The 3 best video editing apps for Android

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better. Where you could almost count the pixels in the past, new phones such as the Samsung S10 are able to film razor-sharp videos in 4 K resolution. Post-processing gives your video that little bit extra and these three apps make editing easy, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced.

1. Magisto


Magisto is probably the easiest video editing app of the moment. The program keeps it simple and offers no unnecessary options. After starting up, select (parts of) videos, after which you choose a theme and any background music. Magisto then does its work and makes a coherent video of it.

The app uses artificial intelligence to recognize the best parts of your videos and cuts out the less interesting parts. Moreover, you can easily add effects and filters, so that your video scores well on social media. It is a pity that you have to pay to download videos on your phone. The free version is also packed with advertising, but you can remove it for a fee.

2. Quik


Is Magisto a little too simple for you? Then Quik, from the same makers as the Go Pro cameras, is recommended. The video editing app is simple enough for beginners who only want to stick a few clips together, but at the same time offers enough challenge for experienced editors who want to work with contrasts and color balance.

Just like with Magisto, you can choose from different themes that connect nicely with the subject of your video. You can also import songs from your library for free. A disadvantage of Quik is that you cannot work with audio and video layers, so that the app remains relatively superficial. The app is free to use

3. Kine-master


The real filmmakers among us are at the right place at Kine-master. The video editing app has all the functions that you can expect from a fully-fledged editing program such as voice-overs, transitions in starting, subtitling and special effects.

In addition, the app has a time-lapse function to slow down or speed up images. Have you filmed for a green screen? With Kine-master you can easily add your own background. Moreover, you export videos in a 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. In principle, Kinemaster can be used free of charge, but a watermark will be placed on your videos. You can remove this by purchasing a subscription.

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