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Apple iPhone 8 Plus review

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the spotlight was stolen by the iPhone X during Apple’s past iPhone event; we should certainly not forget the “normal” new iPhones. They are a lot cheaper and almost as capable; just a little less fancy. In this Apple iPhone 8 Plus review we find out if the largest model in the family is worth your hard-earned money.

iPhone 8 Plus

The name iPhone 8 Plus might suggest that this iPhone is a major update to the iPhone 7 Plus, but that is disappointing. The design is basically the same, but now has a glass back. That means that the iPhone 8 Plus can now also charge wirelessly. Furthermore, Apple has a more powerful chipset in its new iPhone and the 8 is equipped with a new camera

Its price makes the iPhone 8 Plus also a very interesting choice

However, the iPhone 8 Plus is still basically the same good old iPhone. The similar design means that the screen edges are very large for today’s standards and an audio jacket is still not present. On the other hand, as always, the device has nice software, a nice 3D touch screen and a relatively good battery. The software has received a number of new tricks, including extensive AR functions.

The iPhone X beats its big brother with a large OLED screen in a small case and hip face recognition software. However, its “low” price ensures that the iPhone 8 Plus is also a very interesting choice. You can read more about this in this review.

  • Specifications of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus
    Released on September 2017
    Runs on iOS 11
    Apple A11 Bionic
    hexacore processor at 2.4GHz

5.5 “IPS LCD screen
Touch screen with multitouch
Screen is scratch resistant
1920×1080 screen resolution
12MP camera with auto focus
Dual LED flash
3840×2160 (4K) video recordings
7MP front camera

Apple has hardly updated the design of the iPhone 8 Plus and that means that the smartphone has a design of four years old in the base. Although the device still looks nice, you notice especially in the screen edges that it is no longer of this time. Those large edges ensure that the iPhone 8 Plus with its 5.5-inch screen is about the same size as a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a 6.2-inch screen. That is ashame.
iphon 8 Plus

Still, something has changed about the iPhone 8 Plus. Where the backside used to be made of aluminum, it is now made of glass. So no more antenna lines. Moreover, it looks slightly more modern and means that the iPhone 8 Plus can now charge wirelessly.

The iPhone 8 Plus is waterproof with an IP67 certification

The downside, however, is that glass is relatively fragile. Apple claims that the glass used is stronger than ever in a smartphone. Can be, but it remains glass and therefore more fragile than aluminum. Just like its predecessor, the iPhone 8 Plus is waterproof with an IP67 certification. This means that he can stay at a depth of one meter for a maximum of half an hour

On the side there is a switch with which you can put the device on the silent position. Handy, but it happened to us almost daily that the device in our pocket accidentally went off the silent mode. That is of course irritating. The audio jack is unfortunately still missing and the same applies to the possibility to expand the memory.

iphon 8 plus

The latter we are used to from Apple and is not such a problem since the basic version has 64GB storage space. The missing audio jacket is annoying. If you want to use your own wired headset, you must always take the included adapter with you and charge and listen to music at the same time is not included. The phone has two speakers, and they sound really good.

Screen with extras

Apple does not use an OLED screen with the iPhone 8 Plus; that is reserved for the iPhone X. But the used LCD display looks particularly good. Colors are beautiful and natural and the white balance is particularly good. The contrast is not at OLED level; it is more than sufficient and belongs to the top of the LCD screens. With its full HD resolution, the screen is not the sharpest. You can see that if you do your best, but it is not disturbing.

A complete set of extras makes the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus just a bit better than its predecessors

As befits a good smartphone screen nowadays, the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus supports HDR content. That means higher contrasts and nicer colors in suitable videos.

Another extra that the iPhone has received this year in display area is True Tone support. This means that the white balance of the screen is adjusted to the ambient light, so that the colors must always look the same. A night mode that makes the screen more yellow in the evening is also present. All in all a complete set of extras. It does not make a world of difference, but makes the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus just a bit better than that of its predecessors.

Fast, faster, fastest

If Apple is good at something, it is making fast smartphones. Apple engineers exceeded this again this year. The six-core A11 Bionic chipset competes for the title of most powerful chip in a smartphone to date. On paper, the device even surpasses the entry-level version of the MacBook Pro. Nice of course those figures, but in practice the iPhone 8 Plus is super fast.

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